TechTonic Podcast E13 ‘Four Star Daydream’ (May 2017) Techno Mix

All tracks purchased from Beatport and mixed on the Pioneer XDJ-RX. All tracks ‘Original Mix’ unless specified:

INTRO ‘Objection’ The Insider

1. Return to Sender-Remy Unger
2. Dominon-Bastet
3. Rawer-Hollen
4. Underground-DJ Boris
5. Dazed-Uto Karem
6. Dark Man-Bastet
7. Catch 22-Darren Emerson
8. Lovejitter-DJ Lion
9. Broken Brain-Bastet
10. Tarantula-Pleasurekraft (7 Year Itch Rework)
11. Persistence-Uakoz, Alex Len
12. Syncopate-Andre Crom (2000 and One Remix)
13. U Better-DJ Boris
14. Disco-Alex Rubino
15. Beast-Mario Ochoa
16. Dinner at SkinJaAcs-Clouds
17. Touchscreen-D-Isorder
18. Dacks-Alex Rubino
19. Break-George Adi (Stas Drive Remix)
20. Parade-Yan Oxygen (Sama Remix)
21. Man With The Red Face-Laurent Garnier




Author: jocksterDJ

Jockster is a Swansea based Techno DJ. He started DJing in 2001-from there secured several residences including Fresh (3 years), Glitch (1 year)-played across South Wales and West Wales and alongside various DJs including Daniel Soto (Godskitchen), Dean Facer, Steve Lee (The Gallery), Marc Vedo (Koolwaters, Naughty But Nice), Ilogik, Nick Rafferty (Sundissential), Cally & Juice & John Kelly (Manumission, Quadrant, Clockwork Orange). Starting out with trance and hard trance he played until 2006 then took a break to create room for the arrival of his first child. In 2016 Jock returned to DJing and launched a monthly techno podcast called ‘TechTonic’ quickly building a following across various platforms including soundcloud, Itunes, youtube and Facebook. He describes his style as 'anything on the techno spectrum' and plays what he likes-rather than just floor fillers. Since launching TechTonic he's had support from artists like Sub Washer, Bilboni & Silvina Romero all of whom have praised the podcast.

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