TechTonic Podcast E13 ‘Four Star Daydream’ Techno Mix May 2017

All tracks purchased from Beatport and mixed on the Pioneer XDJ-RX. All tracks ‘Original Mix’ unless specified:

INTRO ‘Objection’ The Insider

1. Return to Sender-Remy Unger
2. Dominon-Bastet
3. Rawer-Hollen
4. Underground-DJ Boris
5. Dazed-Uto Karem
6. Dark Man-Bastet
7. Catch 22-Darren Emerson
8. Lovejitter-DJ Lion
9. Broken Brain-Bastet
10. Tarantula-Pleasurekraft (7 Year Itch Rework)
11. Persistence-Uakoz, Alex Len
12. Syncopate-Andre Crom (2000 and One Remix)
13. U Better-DJ Boris
14. Disco-Alex Rubino
15. Beast-Mario Ochoa
16. Dinner at SkinJaAcs-Clouds
17. Touchscreen-D-Isorder
18. Dacks-Alex Rubino
19. Break-George Adi (Stas Drive Remix)
20. Parade-Yan Oxygen (Sama Remix)
21. Man With The Red Face-Laurent Garnier




Author: jocksterDJ

Purveyor of Techno-and person that plays other peoples records. Back DJing after a 10 year break.

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