TechTonic Podcast E12 ‘Embrace The Ruins’ Techno Mix April 2017

All tracks purchased from Beatport and mixed on the Pioneer XDJ-RX. All tracks ‘Original Mix’ unless specified

1. Geo Vibes-Christian Hornboster (Metodi Hristov Remix)
2. Cyclone-Riktam & Bansi
3. Beatmarch-Emery Warman
4. Ride-Miss Kitten/Dubfire (Solomun Remix)
5. Picap-George Privatti
6. Virus-Harvey McKay
7. Wirelife-Gaiser
8. Yes I Am-Dino Maggiorana
9. Black Judgements-Lelu (Phunk Investigation & Jean Aita Remix)
10. Darkness-Melt
11. Slutz-Nanoplex
12. Behind-Metodi Hristov
13. Stabbed In The Back-Tiga
14. London-Dino Maggiorana
15. Cops Mood-Matt Sassari
16. Five Minutes-Lelu
17. Get Some-DJ Boris
18. Space Labyrinth-Frankyyeffe
19. Unspoken Rules-Cleric
20. Makarona-Tony De Clerque
21. The Rhyythm-Sander Van Doorn
22. Dementio-Alen Millivojevic (2017 Remix)
23. Squadmates-Umek
24. Lagos-D-Deck
25. Capsule-Pig & Dan/Adam Beyer
26. One More Chance-D-Unity
27. Walking Shadow-Vinicius Honorio

OUTRO- ‘Warriors come out to play’ THE WARRIORS techtonic_012

Author: jocksterDJ

Purveyor of Techno-and person that plays other peoples records. Back DJing after a 10 year break.

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