TechTonic Podcast E11 ‘Through The Clearing’ March 2017 Techno Mix


All tracks mixed on the Pioneer XDJ-RX and purchased from Beatport

All tracks Original Mix unless specified

INTRO- “Are you Charles Palentine?” TAXI DRIVER

1. Horncase-Ron Costa
2. Lomber-Ron Costa
3. Pimp Slap-Saeed Younan
4. Embers-Funkagenda
5. Dream Thief-My Cat Snoop
6. Charge-Gaga
7. Lost Satellite-Gregor Thresher
8. Re-Set-Martin Lacroix
9. Busy Man-Eric Sneo
10. Cara De Vela-Sub Washer
11. My Free Sunday-Rob Hes
12. Go-Victor Ruiz (Victor Ruiz Mix)
13. Question Reality-Shelley Johannson
14. Yaaaay-My Cat Snoop
15. Pause-Sian (Oliver Koletzki & Reiner Zonneveld Mix)
16. Awakened-Ilario Ilicante
17. Another Club-Radio Slave
18. Dirty Bitch-Bilboni
19. Dont Stress Me-Dani Sbert (Original Stick Mix)
20. Infamous-Mario Ocha
21. Mumble-Chaka & Marty
22. Euphoria-Layton Giordani
23. Breathe Out-B Traits
24. Teffes-Koen Groeneveld
25. Be Gone-Nicola Moudaber
26. Skin-Sam Paganini
27. Crest-George Perry (Eric Sneo Mix)
28. We Do What We Want-Alan Fitzpatrick
29. Domino-Oxia (Matador Remix)
30. Basic Scenario-B.Traits
31. Ghost Writer-Spartaque
32. London-Redshape
33. No More-D-Unity
34. Louder Than a Bomb-Tiga (Dense and Pika RMX)
35. Sioux-Aitor Ronda & George Privatti
36. Raven-Charles Fenckler (Pysk Mix)

OUTRO- ‘Dawning Realisation’ MOON

Author: jocksterDJ

Purveyor of Techno-and person that plays other peoples records. Back DJing after a 10 year break.

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